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How it's Made: An Actor's Good Luck Pendant

Posted by Lisa Sirlin Hall on

Asher is an actor and activist.

Recently, he acquired a fantastic section of Moldavite and came to No Roses Jewelry hoping we could fashion a sterling silver, open bezel pendant to hang on a long chain...

Three conditions applied: It had to appeal to his love of and sensibility for numerology; must be stylish without looking too flashy and; HAD to be secure enough to keep the crystal slice safe while traveling.
You see... Asher was about to take off on a cross-country trip to film a very important documentary. Only a few weeks left until "Disarm Hate" ( would begin shooting. 
After consulting with Asher on his thoughts and wishes, Lisa got to work. First, the sketches.
Next... measurement of bezel back and prongs was critical for the rough-cut slab of green meteoric crystal.
Then... laying out and fabricating the pre-measured sterling silver backing and rounded prongs into one flattened structure.
And finally, a finished pendant!
Just in time to say goodbye to our new friend... Stay safe Asher!
In the wake of the Orlando nightclub tragedy, nine well-know LGBTQs from Los Angeles united with a plan to take Washington, DC by storm and participate in the Disarm Hate Rally on August 13th. This is history in the making as they travel from L.A. to DC in an RV to show the current generation of LGBTQs they're not alone in the fight against gun violence and discrimination.

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