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Lisa's Favorite Jewelry Supplies & Tools

Hey there to all my No Rosies!

After so many of you asked me to recommend my favorite jewelry cleaners, organizers, supplies and accessories for use in your homes, I decided to pull together a page of links to my favorite products.

I've searched for Amazon links to the best values and quality, and recommend ONLY the vendors I prefer and the items I personally use at my studio and in my home.

If you have questions about purchase, use, or maintenance of any of these products, just chat me up using the red button on the lower right of this website.

Enjoy!!!! 😃 ❣️ L

       - Lisa Sirlin-Hall, No Roses Jewelry

As an Amazon Associate, No Roses does earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

Finger Sizing Gauge Ring Sizer

Hi all!!

So, many of you have been asking for a way to measure your ring size at home.

Here's a quick and easy accessory you can use over and over again on multiple people. 


  • Measure your finger at the END of the day when it's at its thickest. 
  • If you're planning to purchase a wide ring, buy two gauges and try them both on at the same time to approximate the width of your ring.
  • If you're planning to purchase a comfort-fit ring (a band that's rounded on the inside), this is the best gauge to use, as wide comfort-fit rings usually fit a bit looser than their flat and wide cousins.

The price covers our cost on the gauge plus USPS first class mail shipping in a standard envelope.

Any questions? Happy to answer them. Just chat me up (big button lower right) or email me at

Have fun!
 - Lisa ❣️ L

Silver Cleaning Cloth

If you just want a quick shine on silver, gold or platinum, these Sunshine Polishing Cloths are perfect for fast touch-ups. They're infused with cleaning solution and they're the ONLY jewelry cleaning cloths I use in my studio and on my own heirloom jewelry. I don't recommend dipping solutions for any jewelry.

There's something about the formulas that leave a film on the metal that accelerates the next round of darkening. If you're looking for a heavy duty solution, I suggest the Ionic Cleaning Unit above.❣️ L

Ionic Cleaning Unit

This little one is GREAT for bathroom counters. It'll clean any metal (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) and is 100% safe for pearls, opals, turquoise - any stones, even the soft ones.

Follow instruction carefully and use only distilled water. If you have questions on how to set up or care for your cleaner, just chat me up via the red button below. ❣️ L

Comfort Gel Ear Wire Slides

Everyone seems to love the comfort gel ear wire slides* we gave out at the shop for years. We still ship a pair with all earrings you order online, but I KNOW many of you lose them. 😮

Here's a link for a WHOLE BUNCH (144) for an awesome price. I love them and use them myself all the time. Super comfortable, hypoallergenic, lightweight and they work on both post earrings AND regular ear wires. You're welcome. ❣️ L

*ear stops? earring backs - not sure what to call these little silicone guys... LOL