One of L.A.’s Most Trusted Custom Jewelers


You’re probably wondering…
“Where can I find a custom engagement ring designer near me?”
Lisa at No Roses Jewelry in Los Angeles will work with you to customize an ethical Diamond engagement ring, Moissanite engagement ring, or colored gemstone engagement ring to match your creative vision or idea. Your special-someone is one-of-a-kind and their engagement ring should be too.


Today, more than ever, engaged couples are turning to band style rings in lieu of the traditional cisgender diamond solitaire or halo design engagement ring. In fact, much of Europe traditionally foregos the sparkly engagement ring. Band rings are also easier to maintain and keep clean.

Ethical Diamonds

Mined Diamond rings are yesterday’s boomer trend, now giving way to ethically grown Diamond engagement rings. Both types of Diamonds are 100% natural, but only the lab-created version are 100% ethical. Science-nurtured Moissanite is another fantastic alternative to a mined diamond for an ethical engagement ring. To the naked eye, Moissanite engagement rings look exactly like diamond engagement rings and cost significantly less than even lab-created diamond rings of similar weight and quality.

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones like Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies are a superior engagement ring trend in 2021. Both precious and semi-precious gemstones are gaining in popularity with engaged couples in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond because of unlimited personal design choices and price. Some brides opt for Pearls, Opals or even Turquoise as a way to make their special ring more personal.

Los Angeles artisan bridal jewelry designer Lisa Sirlin-Hall is one of L.A.’s most trusted experts in alternative bridal, unique engagement rings, gender-friendly jewelry, commitment jewelry and wedding gifts.

In 2020, No Roses Jewelry’s ten-year-old Ventura Boulevard shop closed to the public and moved into a private Los Angeles custom jewelry studio to comply with local and state health guidelines.

We are open for virtual appointments and curbside drop-offs.