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Why are 24k Rings So Hard to Find?

Hi Jewelry Lovers!

I noticed recently how many of our website visitors search for "24k gold ring" or "24k gold rings." It's a topic that also comes up in our Ventura Boulevard shop.


Why is it you rarely see any solid 24k gold rings for sale? It's an issue of purity. The higher gold's karat number, the more pure gold is. For example, 10k yellow gold can contain as little as 37.5% gold and as much as 65.5% of other alloys like copper, silver, zinc, and nickel. The larger the "K", the more gold and the less other metals.

Now... on the far end of this measure is 24k gold - pure gold with no other alloys. While silver and copper are hard enough to use for fabricating rings and other "heavy use" jewelry, 24k gold (pure gold) is very very soft. Stacker rings, wedding bands, heavy chains and engagement rings made from 24k gold will quickly deform.


By "soft" I mean that 24k gold rings are known for being very prone to scratches, squishes, bending, kinking, and (sadly) breaking. Solid 24k gold rings are so much more easy to ruin much more so than 14k rings and 18k gold rings. Remember that 14k and 18k gold has a lot of gold balanced with other (harder) alloys.

Now that I've ruined your 24k gold ring dreams (sorry!) I do have some good news. If you LOVE the rich, intensely GOLD look of 24k gold, No Roses Jewelry can custom design an 18k ring for you and encase it with 24k gold. We can do the same thing with a sterling silver ring. Call it plating, gilding or vermeil, covering a stronger metal like sterling silver or 18k gold with 24k gold is really the best of both worlds: Strength + Bling = Your perfect gold ring.


Have more questions about gold karat or gold jewelry? Give me a call anytime at our design studio (818-986-1246) or email me at