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1920's Douglas Fir Wood Band Ring

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This unique, limited-edition band ring crafted by Los Angeles actor and jewelry designer Tyler vickers reclaims 1920's douglas fir from L.A.'s historic Hotel Normandie. The black striations are the result of iron deposits from century-old nails. Dome shank style. A beautifully handcrafted ring - lightweight and gender-friendly. Perfect for engagement, commitment and weddings

  • Choose your size: Available in whole sizes from 4-14 US.
  • Available from 2mm to 10mm tall. Please let us know in your checkout notes what height you prefer. Without specific choice, the default height shipped is 2mm tall.

Approximately 3 weeks to ship.

Designer: Tyler Vickers Wood Rings

Honoring the natural beauty of re-claimed wood, actor and artisan Tyler Vickers blends various wood grains into a helical spiral or other patterns of unparalleled strength, and beauty from every angle.  Each ring is pressure reinforced for strength and sealed to make them waterproof.

The result? A gorgeous, lightweight, strong, and 100% handcrafted wooden band ring.

Each gender-friendly band ring is handmade-to-order. Perfect for custom wedding ring sets for men or women, the wooden rings can be worn plain, or with gemstones/diamonds added in a metal setting, or embedded directly into the wood grain.

- Durable
- Waterproof
- Scratch resistant
- Safe for everyday wearing
- Hand washing and showering safe 
- Hypoallergenic