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Bocote and Bloodwood Band Ring

  • $ 22000

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This band ring by Los Angeles actor and maker Tyler Vickers is handcrafted from strips of exotic wood known as "Bocote," accented by strips of rich bloodwood.  Flat shank style. A strong, lightweight and gender-friendly commitment ring

  • Choose your size: Available in whole sizes from 4-14 US.
  • Available from 4mm to 10mm tall. Please let us know in your checkout notes what height you prefer. Without specific choice, the default height shipped is 4mm tall.

Approximately 3 weeks to ship.

Each ring is made-to-order by hand and his entire collection is gender-friendly. Gemstones and diamonds can be added with or without a gold or silver setting.

Tyler's wood rings are handcrafted through a unique, proprietary process that realigns the natural wood grain in a helical spiral creating patterns of unparalleled strength, and beauty from every angle. Learn more about this revolutionary process at
- Durable
- Waterproof
- Scratch resistant
- Safe for everyday wearing
- Hand washing and showering safe
- Hypoallergenic