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Pretty Little Liars Cuff Pyrite

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One of L.A. artisan jeweler Mary Ann Eissa's most distinctive pieces, this one-of-a-kind bracelet was worn by the gorgeous Troian Bellisario in the Fall 2015 season ending episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Her character Spencer Hastings sported two fabulous cuff bracelets by Ms. Eissa. This and another made from pyrite.

The unique bracelet was handcrafted in Los Angeles from brass, sterling silver, a soft leather lining and a HUGE pyrite slab. The cuff forms to your wrist, adjustable from size 6 to size 8.

Pyrite is a well known talisman and meditation crystal stone. Its metallic color and reflectiveness allows it to serve as a mirror to our true financial situation. It is used to enhance financial well being or increase wealth and security.