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Eternal Dream Necklace

Eternal Dream Necklace

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I was inspired to create the Eternal Dreams necklace by a similar design I did as an experiment for a client. They LOVED it and so did I. I'm going to create a few more with different patterns, gemstones and colorways.

The pendant measures 2-inches tall by 3/4-inch wide. In this design, the beads used in the hand-loomed weaving are Japanese and Czech glass, but future designs will use a mix including gemstones.

The pendant hangs on a 24-inch long black leather neck cord with an adjustable brass chain and clasp and Turquoise accents, but can be switched to a vegan cord at no charge.

This is a one-of-a-kind. Future necklaces in this series will be either OOAK or limited edition.

Questions?  Ping me on chat - click the big red button on your lower right.

 - Lisa

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