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Oleda - Cuban Lace Hoop Earrings

  • $ 345

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These Gilded Lace Cuban collection hoop earrings have an old-school, flirty touch. Handcrafted from 1920s lingerie lace, Oleda is the perfect pair of summer earrings that can be worn casually or with an elegant up-do and chic outfit.

Hoop diameter is 2-1/4".
Available in sterling silver and 24k gold.
These earrings are limited edition.

Style ID: MK_Oleda-ss, MK_Oleda-yg

Tracy and I met very stylish Monika Knutsson and her Gilded Lace Jewelry when her mom-in-law introduced us.  I instantly fell in love with her aesthetic. Her look is classic Chanel and her jewelry is extraordinary. Monica hand-sews antique or vintage lace, forms them into cuffs or earrings or necklaces, then dips them in 24k gold, rose gold or sterling silver. I've worked with Monika for over a decade on many bridal projects created from family heirloom lace (Mom's or Bride's dress) and preserved for all time. It's definitely a labor of love.  - Lisa


style id: MK_Oleda-ss