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Raphael Female-Male-Androgyne Necklace

  • $ 420

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This limited-edition Raphael necklace from Monika's Orlando Collection features a stunning pendant with the female (Venus), male (Mars), and androgyne symbols (Venus and Mars mixed).

The inclusive symbol was designed in the 1990s by Holly Boswell, Wendy Parker, and Nancy R. Nangeroni.

The pendant is handcrafted of traditional European Chantilly lace and sterling silver. Each piece is unique and made by hand in the USA.

Style ID: MK_Raphael-ss

Tracy and I met very stylish Monika Knutsson and her Gilded Lace Jewelry when her mom-in-law introduced us.  I instantly fell in love with her aesthetic. Her look is classic Chanel and her jewelry is extraordinary. Monica hand-sews antique or vintage lace, forms them into cuffs or earrings or necklaces, then dips them in 24k gold, rose gold or sterling silver. I've worked with Monika for over a decade on many bridal projects created from family heirloom lace (Mom's or Bride's dress) and preserved for all time. It's definitely a labor of love.  - Lisa


style id: MK_Raphael-SS