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Sun Spot Gold and Pearl Cup Dangle Earrings

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These mid-century-modern dangle style earrings feature a fresh twist on pearl earrings. White freshwater pearls rest inside 18k gold bimetal discs connected to oxidized sterling silver.

The earrings measure about 2-inches long and every pair is handcrafted individually in the Pacific Northwest.

style id: JHM_106-E
Judy Morgan's modern bi-metal jewelry is sculptural, stunning and unique. Working with sheets of 18k gold and 22k gold bonded to blackened sterling silver plus pearls and gemstones, Judy Morgan handcrafts very wearable artisan jewelry that is both geometric and organic. Her earrings often remind us of tree branches and her stunning statement necklaces are works of art.
Judy is a 2003 NICHE Awards Finalist and has been showcased at the Seattle Art Museum and Portland's Contemporary Craft Museum. We're delighted to welcome her latest collection of handcrafted artisan jewelry to No Roses Jewelry Los Angeles.
style id: JHM_D106-E