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Thin Leather Cuff with Vine Design

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Celtic-inspired, hand-tooled leather cuff bracelet with brass fittings. Handcrafted in Los Angeles by actor/artisan Joshua McHugh. One-of-a-kind vine design. Cuff width is 1/2" inches, Fits a size 7 wrist.

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Style ID: JML_20021408-W
New Hampshire-born, now LA local artist, actor and leathercrafter Joshua McHugh creates one-of-a-kind, hand-tooled artisan leather bracelets, and accessories.
Drawing creative inspiration from the visual language and artistic traditions of ancient Celtic and Nordic culture, Josh’s vision for each piece emerges once leather is in hand.
“The leather holds a story that unfolds for me as I create a new cuff, wallet or key fob. Another narrative emerges a piece’s future owner sees it for the first time. The story is truly complete when you wear or use the piece that speaks to you - that is meant for you.”
Josh's own heritage and culture provide details for each one-of-a-kind piece: “I often use what is known historically as Elder Futhark runes in my work. Each rune has a number of possible meanings, traditionally used as charms to aid the wearer in some way.  As I create a piece, I consider what I want for the person who eventually chooses and wears it. It’s my little prayer of good fortune - a parting gift, so to speak.”
No Roses Jewelry in Los Angeles is honored to partner with this talented artisan as he launches his newest collection of hand-tooled leather cuffs for men, women and all genders.