Find the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings for your Face Shape

Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry types we buy. They make us feel more charming, attractive and interesting. We choose different styles for different occasions: Simple for everyday wearing and more sophisticated or wild for special moments or club outings.

Read below to find out why each face wants a different earrings shape or style and check out the celebrity-meets-earrings (from No Roses Jewelry) pairings we've gathered.

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Celebrity Faces and the Earring Styles that Love Them

There are so many cute earrings to choose from! We hear this a lot at our Los Angeles jewelry studio. But how do we make the right choice? How do we know what looks great on us without trying on dozens of pairs? To make the choice easier, we suggest you first identify your face shape. Because earrings are closest to the face and direct attention there, it makes sense to rock a pair of earrings that compliments, rather than conflicts, with your face shape.

round face emma stone vines earrings
Round Face Shape

IF you have round face, you should choose earrings that will elongate your face and will add a little angle to it. Avoid earrings with round shapes and small balls, instead bet on long, narrow earrings that draw the eye downward, not in circle. Square, oblong and rectangular earrings also suit well the round face shape.

oval face shape oprah winfrey earring emerald diamond artisan jewelry los angeles
Oval Face Shape

It’s almost the perfect face shape, so don’t ruin it with wrong choice of earrings. Although you can afford to wear everything, choose earrings with soft shapes like balls, rings or not very large square or tear shaped earrings. Pendant earrings with two figures are good option if your hair is longer. For women with shorter hair pearl or diamond balls are the proper choice. Extremely long and thin earrings will make your face too long, so avoid wearing them.

Heart shaped face reese witherspoon lapis gold fan earrings artisan jewelry los angeles
Heart-Shaped Face

For heart-shaped face are appropriate earrings that are wider at the bottom like teardrop-shaped or a pendant earrings, which resemble chandelier. Even circular, oval and pyramid-shaped earrings look well on the divine heart-shaped face, characterized by a wide forehead, stunning cheekbones and a tiny cherubic chin. The aim is the bottom of the earring to be wider, to balance the narrow face. If your face is heart-shaped, avoid wearing very short earrings.

Square face shape sandra bullock smoky quartz artisan earrings los angeles
Square Face Shape

If you have a square face, its angular forms can be softened with round earrings. For you will work well any figures with not very large angle: teardrop-shaped earrings, elongated earrings – drops, pendants and rings or earrings with curved edges. Avoid wearing square earrings or forms with large angles.

oblong face shape sandra oh butterfly wing earrings los angeles sherman oaks ventura boulevard
Oblong/Long Face Shape

If you have an elongated face, the most appropriate for you are embossed earrings. The three-dimensional shape will add more fullness of the oblong face and will balance it well. You can wear round, square-shaped or triangular earrings, making sure that the triangle is with its wide side down. Avoid wearing flat or dangling earrings.

triangle face shape victoria beckham honeycomb gold post earrings
Triangular Face Shape

You should wear earrings that will soften the sharp corners of your face. Large earrings with oval shape or small round earrings are suitable for you. Figures with some curves at the bottom also work well. Just remember that they shouldn’t be very long.