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Pearl Stringing, Bead Knotting and Repair, Los Angeles

Pearl Stringing, Gemstone Knotting, Bead Stringing Prices (Below)

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Lisa Sirlin-Hall is claimed by many Los Angeles locals as the Valley's specialist in pearl stringing, pearl re-stringing, pearl knotting, bead-stringing, fixing broken pearl strands, bead stringing and pearl jewelry design (both traditional and modern/alternative.)

All pearl stringing is personally done by Lisa's hands with a pair of tweezers, and a HUGE magnifying glass.
The process is not rushed... each pearl or bead gets individual attention. 😍  It's an old-time method that ensures a luxurious and long-lasting result. 

No Roses Studio is a member in good standing of the International Gem Society

No Roses Studio is a member in good standing of The International Gem Society

Lisa's pearl expertise is a "secret find" among L.A.'s elite pearl lovers, celebrities. Check out how happy Marion Ross ("Mrs. C" on Happy Days) is with her re-strung 90" pearls Lisa did just in time for her book signing tour.

Happy Days Marion Ross and Her Expert Pearl Stringer Lisa Sirlin-Hall No Roses Jewelry Studio

No Roses' pearl stringing expertise includes:

  • Pearl Stringing / Bead Stringing
  • Pearl Knotting / Gemstone and Diamond Bead Knotting
  • Traditional and Alternative Pearl Jewelry Designs
  • Clasp Attachment
  • Bridal Pearl and Gem Necklaces
  • Necklace Resizing
  • Bracelet Resizing
  • Lengthening and Shortening
  • Complimentary Evaluation and Consultation
  • Re-stringing, Lengthening and Shortening
  • Fixed Price Quotes
  • Rush Pearl and Gemstone Stringing for Weddings
  • Gemstone necklace and Bracelet Design


Basic Bead / Pearl Stringing Prices

Lisa's professional by-hand re-stringing service prices varies depending on length of strand(s), size of pearls, number of pearls, price of the clasp used and whether other types of beads will be added.
She can easily quote a price once she examines the existing strand(s), pearls or beads by photo or video consultation.

  • 7-12mm pearls or beads: $6/inch*
  • 3-6mm pearls or beads: $10/inch*
*Price assumes knotting between each pearl or bead and using owner's existing clasp. All other designs or adding a new clasp will require a custom quote.

Pearl/Bead Stringing Q&A with Lisa

Can you work with faux pearls?

Absolutely. I can do wonders with Swarovski and glass “pearls” and even sentimental plastic, ceramic and wood beads. I'm happy to evaluate them at no charge via video or photos. The price is the same for all beads regardless of the materials.

Do you use one of those knotting machines/tools?

I knot and string every single strand by hand (NO KNOTTING MACHINES!) The old-fashioned method takes time but ensures total control over the knots, the luxurious looking result and the long-lasting structure for your pearl strands.

My necklace always seems to break at the clasp - Is that a “weak spot”?

It’s true, the weakest point of any bracelet or necklace is the point where the clasp attaches to the strand. To mitigate breakage, Lisa spends extra time covering the stringing material with the tiniest coiled gold or silver wire. This prevents the metal clasp from rubbing against the stringing material, making your necklace or bracelet MUCH more durable.

I lost the clasp on my pearls! Can you replace it?

Definitely! I have a small selection of clasps in stock in both sterling silver and gold filled. If you prefer 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, that can be ordered. I also have some very strong magnetic clasps perfect if you or your gift recipient has difficulty opening and closing clasps.
The traditional type of clasp used for pearls is a "fish" shaped safety clasp, because even if it becomes unfastened the hook usually still catches on the clasp for added safety, but many clasp types can be used. I can quickly quote you a price on the clasp of your choice.

How long does a re-stringing take?

My turnaround time is typically about 1-2 weeks and maybe longer during the holiday season and peak wedding season. I *can* accommodate some rush jobs, so definitely let me know right away about your timing needs.

Will knotting my pearls add length?

The short answer is: Yes. On average, for every 15 inches of beads (sizes 6-10mm) knotting will add 1 inch. The smaller the beads, the more knots and the more length the knotting will add. Our advice? Remember to calculate the length of your clasp and add another 3/8” for the addition of the end tips when figuring final length.

One of my pearls is a bit flawed. Can my strand be shortened?

Shortening offers the opportunity to either get rid of a few flawed pearls or to remove some to use to make drop earrings or a pendant. Most of my clients hope I can simply remove a few pearls, rather than a full-restringing. To ensure the integrity of the strand, this is rarely possible. In 95% of cases, the entire piece must be re-strung because the ends must be woven back through the 5-7 pearls or beads.

My grandmother’s pearls are too short. Can you make them longer?

Lengthening with just the existing pearls can sometimes be done if pearls were never knotted - adding knots will increase the length by about an inch or slightly more. One quick alternative is to lengthen the strand with an extender chain. I can also increase the length to your pearl strand by adding some smaller pearls or gemstones near the clasp. Talk to me about your options and preferences.

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