What Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

Custom vs. Manufactured

Yep, it’s one of the most asked questions we get. We’re always happy to answer that you’ll be surprised to find out that quality custom jewelry can be made for you at less than the price of a fancy name designer ring. Also, because it’s handcrafted artisan quality - it’s often more beautiful and well made than mass-manufactured jewelry. See examples of custom jewelry at NoRosesJewelry.com

Custom Jewelry Pricing is in the Details

affordable custom turquoise necklaceOf course, custom jewelry is unique. We craft each custom ring and custom pair of earrings to your vision. Because each piece is made with different amounts of metal, different types and sizes of gemstones and different qualities of diamond, we can’t give you a range. We CAN offer to quote a price before you commit.

More detail means more effort and skill - therefore… more time and cost. Gold is more expensive than sterling silver, and diamonds are more pricey than white topaz or citrine. Bottom line is that the more flexible custom jewelry seekers are about materials, detail and timing, the more we (and any jeweler for that matter) can cater to your vision and meet your budget needs. See examples of custom necklaces

David and Goliath: Big Box Mall Jewelers vs. Indie Artisans

custom heirloom jewelry and bridal jewelryWhile *most* of our custom designs are one-of-a-kinds created as gifts for you to give your special someone, we can also do larger quantities for corporate gifting, etc. Whether we make multiples of pendants, rings, or earrings, we first create a master model for approval - typically at the usual custom pricing levels; HOWEVER, each subsequent piece of jewelry is part of a production line (right here in the USA) that replicates your original/individual piece. Often, this allows us to dramatically reduce the price without sacrificing quality.  

So… why is handcrafted jewelry often a few more dollars than mass produced jewelry? Mass production allows big name designers to bring pricing down considerably. Thing is... much of major jewelry designers' jewelry is actually made in Mexico and China where labor is cheap and often the workers are underpaid and overworked. No Roses Jewelry won’t send our custom designs overseas - we craft every piece ourselves. Read a story about custom heirloom jewelry from Mom's lace.

Free Custom Jewelry Consultations

contact no roses jewelry for a free consultationIf you would like a quote for your unique custom jewelry design project, please email Custom@NoRosesJewelry.com and we'll be happy to arrange a free 30-minute consultation in person or by phone or video.Handcrafted artisan jewelry is a unique art form. No Roses Jewelry in Los Angeles always makes every effort to give you the best quality jewelry at a fair price.