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Gender Friendly Jewelry

More... - Los Angeles - Tehachapi Tapestry Necklace

Tehachapi Tapestry Necklace

Special order only. Email us! (made to order) - Los Angeles - Modern Circle Bar Necklace

Modern Circle Bar Necklace

$ 116 (made to order) - Los Angeles - Zebrawood and Tungsten Ring

Zebrawood and Tungsten Ring

$ 248 (made to order) - Los Angeles - Zebrawood Wedding Ring Band

Zebrawood Wedding Ring Band

$ 208 (made to order) - Los Angeles - Black Tungsten Spinner Ring

Black Tungsten Spinner Ring

$ 188 (made to order)
Wood and Gold Wedding Band

Koa and 14k Gold Wood Band Ring

$ 1,488 (made to order)