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Akane Clear Quartz Minimalist Gemstone Pendant

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"Akane (あかね, アカネ) is the Japanese word for 'deep red' (茜, Akane, Rubia cordifolia) and is associated with red (from the red dye made from its roots) and brilliant red." --Wikipedia.

Akane is a limited-edition handcrafted necklace from Lisa Sirlin-Hall. It's simply lovely. Casual, organic, and easy-to-wear, a smooth piece of clear quartz is hand-cut and polished to reflect the natural range of colors.

The uniquely-yours stone ... each one is a little different in shape ... dangles from bright red silk and finished with a sterling silver clasp.

A perfect everyday necklace, Akane is a one-of-a-kind piece that looks amazing against all skin colors. Deceptively simple.

Limited edition.
Length : 18" inches


Handcrafted artisan jewelry by No Roses Studio Los Angeles. Collections include Metro, Earthen, Forged and Mad Pearls, plus collaborations with many of the artists exhibiting on
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