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Boho Band - Beaded Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

Boho Band - Beaded Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

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Everyone's been asking for another beaded leather bracelet design but one that's thinner and lighter. Here it is... and I'm loving it. I've been wearing Crispin for over a week every day... The magnetic clasp stays PUT until I take it off and it's super comfy.

The thin leather is wrapped in a hand-sewn Japanese glass and gemstones tapestry, and secured with a strong and sleek magnetic clasp.  I'm working on a vegan alternative, but haven't found a good leather sub yet. I only have a few colorways, but if y'all like them, I'll come up with more.

If you have any color suggestions for either the leather or the textured wrap - CHAT me up or EMAIL me. I love hearing from you. 

I can do the beaded leather bracelets in any size from 5 to 9 - just let me know your size in inches or centimeters by wrapping a tape measure or string around your wrist - Lisa

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