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Custom 14k Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Emily and Jeff

Custom 14k Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Emily and Jeff

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Emily and Jeff originally came to visit with Lisa when Jeff was hunting for the perfect engagement ring. His beloved Emily joined for the first consultation so she could point out styles she liked and get her ring finger properly sized

Several sketches and discussions of accent stones later, the ring design was finalized and the mounting was cast in 14k rose gold. Their family's heirloom diamond (thanks Jeff's Mom!!) was set as a central focus.

The bride was delighted and the couple was engaged!!! Let the wedding planning begin!

About a year (and a new TV show project!) later, writers Emily and Jeff returned to talk with Lisa about wedding bands. The couple envisioned something similar for both of them - tailored to their individual tastes, of course.

The couple settled on simple twist rings in 14k rose gold to mirror the twisted band design of Emily's engagement ring. Emily hoped for something delicate, with a soft curved feel and a high shine, while Jeff wanted something slightly wider, flatter and with a satin, antiqued finish.

The result was something that suits both their unique personalities AND echoes their shared tastes and of course their love for each other. We hope they have a gorgeous and FUN wedding!!

Want something similar? Completely different? Chase your creative dream with us. Call 818-986-1246 and ask for Lisa or email to talk to us about custom engagement and wedding jewelry.

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