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Diamond Engagement Ring for Renee and Tom

Diamond Engagement Ring for Renee and Tom

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custom 1920's art deco wedding band diamonds and white told

Country music star Tom MacLear and his bride-to-be (and music partner) Renee DiSisto came to us after a colleague on the Jimmy Kimmel Show mentioned our shop.

Tom and Renee wanted two things: First, to re-size Tom's father's Celtic band ring to fit him; second, to create a "vintage look" engagement ring design inspired by an actual 1920's Art Deco ring they'd seen in their travels - only a bit more modern. We jumped at the opportunity.

All we had was a VERY fuzzy photograph of the inspiration piece - just a peek into a wink of a hint at the kind of design Renee dreamed about. We all put our heads together and began creating what would become the most satisfying custom wedding jewelry project No Roses Jewelry has had to-date.

We also made two friends in the process. Tom and Renee are lovely people and truly embody the phrase "meant for each other." Their kindness and talent and positive outlook on life fueled our desire to give the loving couple their hearts-desire wedding rings.

Our blog will soon feature an interview with the happy couple. Stay tuned, and don't forget to check out Tom's latest album and performance tour on his website,

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