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Oxidized Dimple Stacker Ring

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Each dimpled sterling silver stacking ring ring is constructed by hand from either sterling silver or rolled gold. The ring will naturally shift color over time to reveal spots in both a deep hue highlighted with an organic brightening.

Every ring has an evolving patina all its own - making each Aged Grecian Stacker Ring unique. We have one size available immediately, but you can order to fit and/or in your choice of sterling silver or rolled gold. To order in 14k or 18k gold, please contact [email protected]

Delivery time on custom orders is typically 3 weeks.

Handcrafted artisan jewelry by No Roses Studio Los Angeles. Collections include Metro Mosaics, Earthen Gemstones, Forged Mixed Metals and Mad Pearls for Modern Girls, plus collaborations with many of the artists exhibiting at No Roses Jewelry Boutique.