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Opal Earrings Transformed Into Necklace for Christine

Opal Earrings Transformed Into Necklace for Christine

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Christine found No Roses Jewelry through Yelp! She had a vintage pair of earrings with gorgeous white opal cabochons she wanted to be transformed. The earrings belonged to her mother and while they were beautiful, they just weren't her taste.

Christine envisioned splitting the opals into two pieces of jewelry. A ring for herself and a pendant for her twin sister. Their birthday was coming up, so we started working on the necklace design right away.

Christine was a wonderful client. She was very passionate about the style, color and types of gemstones to accent the opal. We finished within her tight timeframe and at the budget she had in mind.

Christine and her sister spent a wonderful birthday together and the necklace was a big hit! Next step... a special ring for Christine!

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