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Rose Gold Artisan Wedding Bands for Audrey and Gregg

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For Audrey and Keith, the process started with her favorite everyday ring. A celtic-inspired sort-of-filigree setting wrapped around a delicious London blue topaz marquise stone. We spent time together in an hour-long complimentary design session and threw every idea out on the table. I asked them a LOT of questions, and answer many of theirs. We talked about intentions, meaning, timing, budget, symbolism, feel, look, colors, textures, sizing and more.

At the end of our session I went into sketch mode and eventually sent them several concepts based on our discussion of two scroll rings crafted from 14k rose gold.

The process was so much fun and the happy couple has two very similar (not matching) artisan wedding bands just in time for their Spring wedding.

Congratulations and thanks for asking No Roses Jewelry to be a part of your happy life event!